Well hello there reader!

So you’ve probably noticed things are looking a little bit different around here. I’ve had a bit of a tidy up and refreshen for 2020 making it all a bit easier for you (and me!) to navigate our way around this site.

So first and foremost What Abbie Says is a personal blog written and edited solely by me (Abbie). It’s all based on my personal opinions, thoughts, feelings and experiences. Take into account that everything I write about is based off of my humble opinions so what may work for me may not work for you what I love you may also not like. I’m just happy to share my thoughts on this little slice of the internet with you all.

In an effort to remain authentic with you all I always disclose if I am working with a brand or have been sent something to review; and by putting an asterisk in the title of the blog post and disclosing whether it’s a gifted post or a paid advertisement I will make that apparent at the beginning of the blog post.

All images are my own unless stated otherwise so permission is required before using my images. Any image that is not my own will be fully credited and clearly linked to the image supplier. If you find a picture that you own on my site and need it to be removed please do contact me and I will promptly remove it.