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My name is Abbie, sometimes Ab never Abigail. I am 25 years old. I’m a sporadic blogger either posting on here everyday or not for months. I’m particularly partial to bad puns, good cake and trash tv. I am a serial procrastinator and that is a real problem in my life. I have all these pipe dreams of things I want to do and want to achieve which I’ll obvs get round to doing once I’ve completed every BuzzFeed quiz ever btw. Can you believe the plant I’m most like is a fern???? I retook that quiz three damn times and I still ended up as a rotten fern. Similarly I found out if I was a pasta shape I’d be a farfelle, to be quite honest who wouldn’t want to be a pasta bowtie, and based on that I should have got married at 21. So maybe Buzzfeed doesn’t hold all the answers after all.

I have a massive sweet tooth and I also love the sound of my own voice. I have a dog called Charlie and he is an absolute QUEEN. He is a miniature Schnauzer x toy Poodle and he features more often on my insta stories.

You’re probably wondering why I look ever so different in every image you see of me online and the answer is twofold. I have a penchant for dying my hair a LOT. I’m not going to be on My Strange Addiction anytime soon buuuuuut I really do like the smell of hair bleach. Secondly I’m a catfish. Well maybe like a watered down version like a kittenfish of sorts. I know each and every one of the filters on Snapchat and Instagram inside out and tbh who doesn’t look good with a Valencia filter? So if you ever have the good fortune of being blessed and meeting me in real life and being shocked that I have freckles, a bit of chub and no constant dog filter; well sometimes I forget what I look like beneath it all too hun so I’ll be just as shocked.

I’m not sure what I should actually be writing here, baring in mind I should be doing about 25 other things right now and I am also definitely running late to pick my sister up I thought what better time for me to sit down and get to know you and you can get to know me. So pull up a pew, take the weight off your feet and let’s have a chinwag.

So as mentioned I’m Abbie and all the pictures and words (unless stated otherwise) belong to me. Hence why this is What Abbie Says. See what I did there? Clever isn’t it? Hah ok moving on… So I started blogging several years ago now actually on the recommendation of a PR rep as I wanted to get into journalism. She was like a ray of sunshine and simply said ‘Go for it babe! What’ve you got to lose?!’ And she was right. I very much enjoyed posting  L I T E R A L L Y every aspect of my life. From the colours of the nail polish on my hands and feet for what I had for lunch that day, nothing was left amiss. I fell head over heels in love with the blogger culture and community from that moment on.

Obviously life happened in between that magical moment and I grew into a full time job and my interests changed from writing to, well, doing pretty much anything else to pass the time. Fast forward to July 2017 I decided to abandon the old shipwreck of my previous blog and start afresh over here and What Abbie Says was born. I treated it as somewhere fun to share the ups and the downs of life and more importantly all the beaut things I’d been eating and gorging on all Summer long.

I can’t promise i’ll be one of the bloggers that’ll post regularly, routinely or  systematically however I hope that I might be able to cheer you up, be your internet friend or even real life buddy!

If you want to know aaaaaaanything else at all about me, have any funny jokes or stories you’d like to share or any questions, queries or concerns feel free to HOLLA at me on Twitter or Instagram or even pop me a message via email at missatanner@gmail.com.