Little things that make me happy #3

I never really thought I’d get to a part #3 of this blog post series but here we are. I really enjoy doing these, it seems like lots of people like searching these posts out too and tbh I think we could all do with a bit of lighthearted reading or happy thoughts right now.


  • Laughter lines.


  • Antiques.


  • Good TV series’ ending on a high note.


  • Disney films


  • Old black and white films


  • Being woken by the sunshine


  • Cold showers on a hot day


  • Hot baths on a cold day


  • That first sip of hot coffee in the morning


  • Sun rays


  • Books you can’t put down


  • New stationary


  • Warm, fluffy towels


  • A good night sleep


  • Ice lollies


  • Strawberries


  • Spring


  • Baby lambs


  • Window seats


  • Hearing a song you love on the radio


  • Hearing great song after great song whilst on shuffle


  • Cool breeze on a warm day


  • Dandelions


  • Seaside fish and chips


  • Seaside arcades


  • Natural ginger hair


  • Old pictures


  • Photo albums


  • Amethysts


  • Slow sunday mornings


  • Discovering something beautiful somewhere unexpected


  • Twinkly eyes


  • Notes left in secondhand books


  • Stargazing


  • When someone offers to give you their parking ticket as they’re leaving


  • Trampolines


  • Good neighbours


  • Independent cinemas


  • Warm cookies


  • Handwritten letters


  • Dogs excited to see you


  • Symmetry


  • Long phone calls


  • Independent shops


  • Genuine kindness between strangers


  • Chesterfield sofas


  • Flea markets


  • Crystal clear sea


  • Salty, sea water hair


  • Bread and butter


  • Children giggling


  • The feeling after you’ve cleaned


  • The smell of blown out candles


  • Vespas


  • Having a job you love


  • Having great colleagues


  • Group hugs


  • The first bite of something delicious


  • Rosemary bread


  • Sun tan lines


  • Darling


  • Getting inside just before the rain starts


  • Fresh mint tea


  • Toffee apples


  • Golden hour


  • Vintage people driving vintage cars


  • Tropical scented anything


  • The smell of sun tan lotion


  • Reading in the shade


  • Seeing people reunite at an airport


  • Sour sweets


  • Skincare routines


  • Sugary doughnuts


  • Podding peas


  • Alliterations


  • When two items fall together in a vending machine


  • Rock pools


  • Tie dye


  • Gifting homemade items


  • Lighter evenings


  • Businesses with a good pun in the name


  • Homegrown produce


  • Fresh peaches


  • Doodles


  • Letters in a bottle


  • Greasy spoon cafes


  • Country pubs


  • Rope swings


  • Treehouses


  • Green eyes


  • Candy stripes


  • Wild flowers


  • That feeling of relief knowing a terrible time is over or going to come to an end soon ❤


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