The Olive Branch, Wimborne.

I love going out for breakfast. Or going out for brunch. Or just going out to eat really. Ok I just like food a lot. I went out for a boujiee girly brunch with my mum and sister to a pub/restaurant called The Olive Branch actually owned by the Hall and Woodhouse chain. It’s set in the heart of Wimborne, Dorset just a short distance away from places like Poole and Bournemouth.

I’ve been here a couple of times now with friends and seperately with my mum and I really like that it’s got a really relaxed, friendly vibe and it doesn’t feel at like any other Hall and Woodhouse pub I’ve been to before. The menu caters for so many different dietary requirements whether you’re coeliac, vegan, vegetarian or just a bit of a fussy eater there’s plenty to choose from. Plus the decor is really cool. With it’s large garden to sit in, the laidback pantry area indoors with big tables and long benches perfect for gathering all your friends together for a cosy brunch on a Saturday morning. Or the more formal dining area and snug.

I really like that their breakfast and brunch menu’s are a little bit different to what you may usually expect to see. I decided to have their shakshuka and a yellow smoothie and it was lush. I have a bit of a sweet tooth and if I was out for breakfast or brunch I’d either go for something a bit different or something like pancakes or french toast but I haven’t had a shakshuka since I went to Redroaster in Brighton (read more about that here or even read about my WHOLE Brighton adventure here)


This Middle Eastern dish is right up my street and I reckon I could probably eat it breakfast, noon and night. It consisted of three eggs delicately baked in a rich, spiced sauce made from tomatoes, chillies, pepper and onions topped with chili flakes and coriander. With two small batons of bread to dip in. You could add some spinach or feta for an extra £1 each or if you wanted to make this brunch plate vegan you could have swapped the eggs for some avo instead.


Usually I’d have gone with a tea or a latte but I felt like something cold for a change and something refreshing and this one sounded perf. It was full of pineapple and mango hence the sunny yellow colour and it was fab on this warm day.

Wimborne has some great eateries and I’d recommend The Olive Branch if you’re looking for somewhere to please everyone!

7 thoughts on “The Olive Branch, Wimborne.

  1. I saw that picture of food and clicked on this post SO fast! That just looks soooo delicious! I went to Dorset around 8 years ago and it’s always somewhere I’d love to return to. I will definitely add this to my bucket list of places I want to visit. I find pub style restaurants are my fave because you literally feel so comfortable, and what beats some good old pub grub? Fab post Abbie 🧡 xx

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    1. Thank you so much lovely! You’re always so kind and your words mean so much! I wish I was into green smoothies that are really good for you packed with spinach and kale and all the other good stuff but it tastes just so earthy to me! I love that in asda or tesco or even iceland you can buy ready made frozen bags of mixed fruits or smoothie bags so you can just pop it in the blender add some water or milk and take it with you on the go. I like something with berries in or if I’m feeling a bit lethargic, I add some black coffee, ice, protein powder, oats and coconut milk into the blender and that is great for energy. How about you? xx

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      1. What protein powder do you use? Every protein powder I have used reminds me of the cinnamon challenge as I just get a mouthful of powder! I normally buy the ready-made smoothies from asda as I am so lazy but I used to make my own using coconut milk, frozen berries and honey. xx


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