Versatile Blogger Award!

Can you believe it? I’m over halfway through my Blogtober attempt and I haven’t forgotten a day, my engagement has risen and I’m actually *ACTUALLY* getting a bit of passion and zest for my blog again, yay! I really hope I haven’t been spamming your feeds and inboxes recently mind you!

So I was completely made up this morning when I checked my twitter feed to see that lovely Abby (Fantastic name btw) had thought about little old me and tagged me in her Versatile Blogger Award. To be honest, I had thought I was following her blog for a lot longer than I actually was but I adore everything about her slice of the internet. Her personality shines through her style of writing, her photography and her content and I’ll admit her rice krispy treats recipe (seen here) has made me want to batch cook loads and eat them forever. Check out her blog here she is a delight.

The Versatile Blogger Award is a really fun and innovative way of celebrating bloggers that you follow that deserve all the support and recognition amongst the blogging world. I really enjoy doing these types of posts and its such a joy to get nominated and tagged to do them.


  • Write your own Versatile Blogger Award blog post.
  • Thank the lovely blogger who nominated you.
  • Introduce yourself by writing 7 facts about yourself,
  • Finally, nominate 15 bloggers that you think deserve this award and let them know!


  1. I am hideously indecisive. Like I can’t make decision to save my life depending whether it’s trivial like choosing a sandwich or a genuine life choice. I need a magic 8 ball.
  2. I’ve always wanted to visit America and Canada and road trip. Cliche I know!
  3. I passed my driving test first time with only one minor. I’m such a show off right?!
  4. My favourite dessert is a Creme Brulee.
  5. I’ve never smoked.
  6. I love homeware shopping.
  7. I love trying new foods and learning about different cultures.

The lovely bloggers I’d like to nominate are:
















These are some of the most genuine, passionate and talented bloggers I know this side of the internet. So I would totally recommend following/stalking (online only please)

Thank you so much again to Abby. You made my day by thinking of me!


12 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award!

  1. Aw lovely that makes me so happy! I’m glad I helped to start your day off well, and congratulations on doing Blogtober! Thank you so much for your kind words, it really means a lot to me! Omg I’m literally obsessed with Creme Brûlée. If I go to a restaurant and it’s on the menu I will order it without doubt! Homeware shopping makes me so happy too, any excuse to buy a bit of homeware! Fab name, and an amazing post! Thank you for taking part! Xxx

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    1. Haha girl we are too similar in name and in nature! I am the exact same if I’m out for dinner I have to check the whole menu out first and then if I clock a creme brulee I don’t even care if I’m too full I want it hahah! I love it i’m so glad you get it too! I literally can’t wait to get my own place one day and decorate it. Thank you so much for nominating me! xx

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      1. Haha exactly! Haha that’s like my permanent mood! My sister works at a bakery and they have a creme brulee doughnut but never seem to do it on the days she’s working. Sounds incredible though right!? I actually can’t wait. I love my family and I love living at home but if I had the money I’d just be on a permanent shopping spree in tk maxx!! I do actually sound like I’m obsessed with the place or am sponsored by them but I assure you I’m not haha! xxx

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      2. Omg yummmm! Typical isn’t it! Definitely let me know how it is when you get to try it. I’m just curious because it sounds delicious! Ahhh tk maxx! I can’t wait to be shopping in there again! I love it at Christmas when they have their festive teas and coffees with all different flavours!! Oh girl, you’re fine!!! Xxx

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      3. Of course! I was thinking about trying to make them myself but knowing my luck I’d burn the bloody house down trying to blow torch a doughnut haha! Oh bless I’d be the exact same. Do they have anywhere like that in Australia? xxx

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      4. Hahaha I know right! I haven’t allowed myself to have a blow torch just yet, maybe one day when I’m a ‘proper adult’ 😂. Over in Sydney and Melbourne they have Tkmaxx but not really over here in Perth. A lot of the time I’ll order online but this year I actually get to shop!! Xx


  2. Thank you for the nomination! I actually failed my Driving Test the first time with two majors… oops! I would love to do an American and Canadian Road Trip too, however cliche that sounds. xx

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    1. Oh bless you! My sister was the same actually and I reckon it made her a much better driver and less cocky than those (me) that passed first time. Do you remember that show that was on CBBC with Fearne Cotton and Reggie Yates and they’d drive across every state of America, that show always, always, always made me want to do that! xx

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      1. Agreed, my brother passed first time and he drives like a maniac! For example, he drove the entire way to the station with the wing mirrors tucked in because he doesn’t need them?!? I do not remember but it sounds like such a good show! xx

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      2. Oh my goodness!!! No he did not!? Oh my gosh I bet him behind the wheel is a bit of a worry for your family to say the very least!! It was really good, I said this to my sister and she didn’t remember it either…I hope I didn’t dream it up or something as no one else seems to remember! xx

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      3. Thankfully he has buggered off to Australia for a gap year after getting a speeding ticket so our lives and my car is safe once again! Or at least for a year. xx


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