Spooky things to do this October!

Host a Halloween Party.

If the thought of being the hostess with the mostess doesn’t make chills run down your spine enough at the thought of all the clearing up the next day, then plan a spooktacular Halloween party with all your nearest and dearest. Scary costumes are a must, make a awesome witches punch bowl cocktail and play games like apple bobbing, hold a pumpkin carving competition with some mini pumpkins, beer pong but fill some cups with some nice things and maybe some not so nice things or just play some good old fashioned drinking games, like never have I ever or one of my favourites if you get everyone around a table and tear up lots of little bits of paper everyone writes down as many famous people’s names as you can and put them all into a hat or a bowl. Each player gets 60 seconds to try and get through as many pieces of paper as they can, describing the celebrity without saying their name. All made so much more fun with drinks and against the clock.

Go to a Pumpkin Patch.

I think these are becoming a lot more common over the years in the UK and they seem to be sprouting up all over the place, especially across my Instagram feed at the moment. They’re really child friendly if you want to take your little ones along for a fun afternoon picking your favourite pumpkin. Or even just go along take some snaps for the ‘gram and get into that Halloween’y spirit. Did you know pumpkin carving started from an ancient Celtic tradition to help ward off evil spirits  but back in the day they used turnips. Everyday is a learning day with Abfab.

Visit a psychic medium.

I’ve visited a psychic twice and had my tarot cards read once, I’d like to think I’m quite a spiritual person and strongly believe in things like this. I went for the first time last May and wasn’t really sure what to expect nor was my friends. But we went into it with an open mind and the lady we saw did get quite a lot of things eerily correct, however she did say that I was going to get pregnant within the next 18 months and that was May 2017…

Fancy dress club nights

Bunker 51 in London are hosting the first Purge:Lockdown event, hideout in the only safe house in London and party the night away with a selection of the best DJs and live performers.

Tickle your tastebuds with a dining experience.

I don’t know about you but this sounds like an absolute HOOT. This 4 course banquet at the Ivory Vaults complete with unlimited drinks and a medieval show, acrobats and live music. Find out more from their website here. Alcotraz Penitentiary bar in London acts as a BYOB style cocktail bar decorated JUST like Alcatraz itself along with the orange prisons jumpsuits too. Check out their website here to book tickets to visit.

Scary film marathon.

Staying in is the new going out and if you’re anything like me and the thought of cuddling up on the sofa by the fire and lots of snacks sounds way more appealing than covering yourself in SFX makeup to look like Harley Quinn after a night in a Yates then Netflix or Amazon Prime have a load of great selections of Horror or Thriller films at the moment. Or scour your local charity shops and see if you can any second hand dvds to watch.

Spend a night at a museum.

Fancy getting your inner Ben Stiller on and go to a museum after dark? The Museums at Night festival is sweeping through the UK from the 27th to the 29th of October check out if there is somewhere near you just here. Similarly if these type of spooky shenanigans are up your alley why not check out the Tower of London or if that doesn’t tickle your haunted pickle why not brave the London Dungeons.

Visit a Haunted House or Haunted Hotel.

Ok for the majority of people this probably sounds a liiiiittle bit terrifying. But if you’re like me and are super intrigued and interested by the paranormal have a look on Haunted Happening’s website (Here) to see if there is somewhere near you to channel your inner Yvette Fielding. Or if you’re really feeling brave you could even stay overnight in a haunted building. Gives me the chills just at the thought of this!

Escape rooms.

Most big towns or cities have one of these and they’re a super fun way to spend an evening with friends putting your heads together to work through complicated challenges. Or if you’re after something with a bit more of a bump in the night Immersive Events are running an event in Shepton Mallet Prison called The Hole (more info here) offering several activities through the evening as well as a bar! There’s loads of these style dotted around the country. I simply typed in Halloween events near me on google map and this was the first one that shot up.

Fright Night at Thorpe Park.

I went to this on Halloween last year with one of my best mates and we had such a blast. We got there about lunchtime ish so we got through a fair few of the rides by the time it got to the evening and the fun began! We ended up queuing for the Derren Brown Experience ride for about 3 hours and by the time we were about to step foot through the door the ride had a malfunctioning problem. But luckily we got issued a fast track ticket for any one ride so decided to use it on that if it reopened again which it did and it was so good, I’d definitely recommend checking it out! They really dress the place up for Fright Night and if that is your cup of tea, as well as rollercoasters obvs, you’d really enjoy this! There’s a handful of things there specially for Fright Night including several scare mazes and the whole place has this spooky feel to it. Maybe cos it’s after dark and it feels a bit weird to be there too! It was so much fun!

image_6483441 (35)

Alton Towers also have their Scarefest which I’ve just seen which looks SO COOL. I love the fact they cater for both little kiddies if they want to get into the Halloween spirit as well as for thrill seeking adults too!

Ghost walk.

I haven’t ever done one of these but I’ve always been really interested in doing one. There’s the famous Jack the Ripper walk tour you can do in London on a pinpointed route and I believe you finish off at the pub The Ten Bells where the infamous serial killer murdered two of his victims. There are many others ghost walks similar to this style in towns and cities up and down the country From Bristol to Liverpool, Bath to York it’d be a really interesting insight into the place you live.

Club nights.

Most clubs will do some sort of Halloween dress up event or something so if you fancy getting totally Chaka Khan’d dressed up as a scary zombie Noel Edmonds (Or whatever you want to go as butttttt that’s a totally good suggestion fyi). Or if you wanted to get your Halloween in true Horror film spirit Bunker 51 in London are hosting the first Purge:Lockdown event, hideout in the only safe house in London and party the night away with a selection of the best DJs and live performers.

Now if none of these options frighten you enough, you could always sit at home, with a bottle of Echo Falls and facebook stalk your exes and people you went to school with. I don’t know about you, but I know which one sounds the most haunting to me now….

What are your plans this Halloween?

Ps, sorry if I haven’t included any fun things to do in your country, I wish I could have researched everywhere because I found it honestly so interesting and so much fun! But this is almost at 1500 words as it is and I doubt people will actually read this far! It’s crazy to think I would have rather eaten my own liver than have written a 2000 word essay and now look at me, doing this type of thing for FUN. Madness isn’t it?!

Much love x

14 thoughts on “Spooky things to do this October!

  1. This is a really cool blog post idea! I think so many people just think about trick or treating and that’s it. You’ve given so many great ideas for all ages! I definitely want to find a pumpkin patch (might have to do that next year) but I’ve always been way to scared about fright night at Thorpe Park! 😂 At the moment I don’t have anything planned for Halloween, I might take my siblings trick or treating and then have a mini Halloween party at home! What will you do for Halloween? 🎃💖

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!! I really enjoyed looking into seeing what’s actually going on. Haha me too! I tried to look up to see if there was a pumpkin patch near me but I couldn’t seem to find one that was actually open!? To be honest I was more scared by the rides until I got to the clown maze that utterly terrified me! We rode on the really big rollercoaster and I acted like I was sat in an armchair or something frozen in shock! I’d recommend it though if it is your sort of thing! The actors and costumes are incredible! Oh that sounds like so much fun! I’m the youngest at 23 so I don’t think I’d get away with trick or treating anymore haha! What do you think they’ll go as? I’m not so sure on my halloween plans at the moment! My friend and I looked into going to a seance at a haunted house (its’s all properly conducted) but as much as I’d be into it, I’m such a jinx i’d probably end up with a demon attached to my soul hahaha. I’m thinking a horror movie night! Are you big into horror films? xxx

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      1. There’s literally none near me yet everyone around me can find them?! I’m hoping next year when I’m back in UK I’ll be able to find one a bit easier 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 I used to live about 10 minutes away from Thorpe Park and I always used to avoid it around Halloween because I was too scared to go! Maybe one day!😂 It sounds like you had fun though and the costumes are always amazing there! I’m the oldest at 21 but my siblings are 11 so I think this will be the last year but I’m hoping not because they are growing up too fast! I’m not too sure what my sister will go as, she changes all the time but my brother has gone as a vampire for the past 8 years! Haha! That sounds awesome, haha that would be me too! I’m such a scaredy cat that I can’t manage any type of scary film! I wish I could! Xxx

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Haha yes I totally feel you with this! My friend went to one today and I honestly have no idea where it is or how he found it! I swear they weren’t things when we were little???? Oh wow that’s so cool, was it one of those things that as you live so close you barely ever go as it’s right on the doorstep? I live in Dorset so I’m really not that far from the seaside or the coast yet I rarely ever go. Haha aw bless you that must be so much fun! Vampire is a classic option he can’t go wrong! Let me know what your sister goes as! And how many of their sweets you can pinch too! xxx

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      3. I think I’m going to go on a pumpkin patch hunt next year to find one!😂 I don’t remember anyone going when I was younger either! I used to go quite a lot actually, it was easy to go after school because we all had annual passes. But when it came to Fright night, I’d avoid it haha! Although where I live now, right near the beach (everywhere in Australia pretty much is) I never ever go to the beach! Exactly, although I have a feeling this year he’ll dress as something from Fortnite! I will do!! Oh I always have my pick first, I have do a deal to get the crunchie😂 xxx

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Oh my god that is SO cool I am so jealous I would have loved to have lived nearby I’d always be there. You’re so lucky to live in Australia it must be so cool and so different to UK living! I’d love to live abroad but I’m a bit too much into my home comforts ahah! I feel like the oldest 23 year old ever as I genuinely have no clue what Fortnite is or what it’s all about. Is it an xbox thing? a mobile game? Is this where flossing is from!? Haha I sound like such a grandma! Ohh are the Australian crunchie bars different to UK ones? The sweets and chocolate in Aus always look so cool! xxx

        Liked by 1 person

      5. It was pretty cool, and we definitely got our money’s worth! I’ve enjoyed living here in Australia but I’m actually moving back to England in less than 5 weeks with my partner! I’ve missed my home comforts and just being around family and I’ve missed Greggs so much (literally the best sausage roll in the whole world). Yeah it’s a game on like Xbox, PlayStation and you can get it on laptops I think? I’m terrible at it, so I always die straight away on it 😂 Yeah I think it is? According to my sister, I’m too old for ‘dabbing’. So I’m not allowed to do it😂
        The Cadbury chocolate is so different here, they have to make it a certain way that makes it last longer in the heat, which makes it taste so weird! It’s still nice, but just not as good as British Cadbury! Xxx

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Haha I bet! I’d have been there everyday until I got completely sick to death of the place haha! Oh I bet you’ll be looking forward to being home for Christmas too! Hahah oh that cracked me up, Greggs is blimmin’ amazing! Ohhhh I seeeee! This is how out of touch I am! Yeah I’d probably die within about 2 seconds too! Haha I worked somewhere last year with a youngish team they were like 16/17/18years old and If I sneezed into the crook of my elbow they’d assume I was dabbing….I honestly sound like such an old lady right now haha! Oh really?! I never knew that! You can’t beat cadburys sometimes can you xxx

        Liked by 1 person

      7. Pretty much! I can’t wait to go back, I bet it’s changed a lot! I’m really excited, I’ve got so many things planned for Christmas! When I was back in England this year, I tweeted Greggs on my birthday and they gave me a free voucher so I got get a sausage roll and a cake for my birthday. I was soooo happy!😂 hahaha literally it looks like dabbing, I’m not cool enough to pull it off 😂 I’m such an old lady too, I don’t understand anything ‘kids’ are doing any more 😂 It’s so strange right? I’m excited for a proper Cadbury advent calendar! Xxxx

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  2. These are all such good suggestions! I hate people dressed-up so personally Halloween is not my favourite time of year. I did the London Dungeons and Tower of London and whilst the history was interesting, I did not enjoy the live actors at the end! Or Jack The Ripper running through the room! I will gladly take the last option. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I actually totally get what you mean. I’ve gotten much better but it used to really freak me out when someone would be fully dressed up and I couldn’t see their face. Oh I bet it was really interesting I’ve always wanted to go! Haha I don’t think I’d have liked that either but now I know if I ever do go at least I’ll be a little bit more prepared! Haha it’s secretly the best option of them all is it not? 😉 xx

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      1. Is there anything in particular you have done/you do to help you get over the fear? You can skip the live actors at the end but be warned, they will try to talk you out of it and I am not good at confrontation! xx

        Liked by 1 person

      2. To be honest lovely, I’m not entirely sure! I remember on my last day of school in sixth form someone dressed up as a gorilla (sounds so silly) but it really freaked me out haha. I think it also depends on the surroundings I’m in so for instance when I was in the scare mazes at thorpe park I just kept thinking to myself ‘this is just an actor like they’re normal aha’ Or I hid behind my friend. Hah one of my two top coping mechanisms haha! Oh gosh I’m just the same, I can’t even complain in a restaurant and I could get served completely raw food. xx

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