42 things Friends has taught Me.

Good friends will always be there for you, but better Friends will always be playing on Comedy Central until the end of time. Friends is and will probably always be one of my favourite tv shows. It may possibly be one of the most cult watched, quote worthy shows ever?! (ok don’t quote me on that one) It’s a favourite in my household even though I’ve seen each and every episode countless times I still laugh at the same gags and get emotional at the last episode, even though I know FULL well she got off the plane.  Friends first aired over 24 years ago now and it is just as relatable now as it was back then. I’ve compiled a list, in no particular order, of things that the show has shown me or made me think about.

  • No one actually did tell me my life was going to be this way. My job’s a joke and I’m broke!
  • And to top that off my love life is definitely DOA.
  • Everyone who watches does the claps in the theme song.

  • Never leave teeth whitening on for any more time than recommended. Here’s looking at you Ross.

  • How to swear at your siblings or friends without your parents or anyone else noticing.

  • how much time you can get off work to sip coffee with your friends. Turns out nowhere near as much as this gang make out.
  • No one in America locks their door. Right, honestly, I know this is a tv show and not at all based on true life but it does irk me when I see it on shows. Like are they not concerned ANYONE could just open their door and come on in?
  • Saying the right person’s name at the altar is very, very important.

  • Unagi isn’t something you have, it’s something you are. I’m fairly certain it’s something I’ve had in YO Sushi too.
  • How easy they make it seem to work their dream jobs. Like Rachel just went from her first job of waitressing in a coffee shop to working her way up at Ralph Lauren. Does this happen in the real world?!
  • Ross, you were definitely on a break from each other not the relationship.
  • It is actually incredibly hard to manouvre any furniture up a flight of stairs, let alone a sofa up a narrow New York stairway.
  • The word Pivot. unless you play a lot of netball games, you probably only know it from that infamous scene. PIVOT, PIVOOOOT.

  • Beef definitely doesn’t belong in a trifle.
  • Does my local Costa Manager leer at me the way Gunther looks at Rachel?
  • No sandwich will ever compare to Ross’ thanksgiving sandwich with the moistmaker.

  • Same with that infamous cheesecake. Food has to be pretty damn good for me to eat it off the floor.
  • Joey doesn’t share food and neither do I. Sorry not sorry. xox
  • You never know when you’ll find your lobster. Whether it be a best friend you’ve only just seen in a different light like Monica and Chandler, a chance encounter like Phoebe and Mike or unrequited love like Rachel and Ross.

  • Rachel made it look so easy to go from waitress to head honcho at Ralph Lauren.
  • How all the outfits worn are still fabulous and on trend to this day.
  • When getting a spray tan, never count Mississippi-ly.

  •  Hearing someone slowly saying OH-MY-GOD and immediately thinking Janice is in close vicinity.

oh my god omg GIF by Nick At Nite

  • It really is impossible to quit the gym.
  • Don’t try and change to fit in with the peer pressure at work. Look at that episode with Rachel smoking with her colleagues on a break. I’m sure many of us have been in that situation we wouldn’t want to put ourselves in naturally.

  • How seemingly easy it is to change your name? Like is this true to real life, can I just skip down to city hall and change my name by deed poll to Princess Consuela?
  • Friends was the sole reason I learnt about the phrase Moot point or moo point if you’d rather.
  • Running like a crazy person definitely makes it so much more fun.
  • If a baby won’t stop crying, try rapping Baby Got Back?


  • I would lowkey love to play a game with my friends like in the episode with The One With The Trivia Game. I can be quite competitive and I would get SO into that game.
  • Setting your friend up with your boss will never work.
  • Nor will dating your employee, Soz Tag.
  • If I meet someone called Josh in my head I’m saying it like Rachel. Joshua. Josh-U-a.
  • I bet having your head up a turkey would stink, so, SO bad.

  • Everyone knows a Monica. Motherly, kind, thoughtful, organised AF. I’m definitely not a Monica.
  • It shows that not everyone has the perfect family. They’ve all got their own stories and their own family dramas just like any other normal person.
  • Always support your best ones, even if that means you’ve got to run around and buy every newspaper in a 20 mile radius so they don’t see a bad review.
  • Never lie on your CV. Like when Joey said he could dance and then the director wanted him to teach the rest of the cast dance moves.
  • If the shoes are expensive, they’re probably going to pinch my toes.
  • You don’t have to follow the same path as everyone else around you.
  • Phoebe was always my fav, she was mad as a hatter and completely true to herself the whole time. She may actually be my spirit animal, so I don’t know what that says about me!

  • Some people say looking back now it was quite problematic, moreso with Ross’ character and I can kinda see why. With him not being so fond of Ben playing with a Barbie instead of an action figure, not happy having a male nanny or treating Rachel as a commodity rather than her own person and constantly being a little bit jel. Similarly making gay jokes towards Chandler, fat jokes towards Monica and poking fun at Joey’s womanising was seen as the norm. Whereas nowadays  The show did bring to light a lot of bigger issues especially for the time it was shown from highlighting gay and lesbian relationships with Carol and Susan getting married. Phoebe being the surrogate for her brother and Monica’s infertility struggles. For a lighthearted tv show it covered some really huge topics especially at the time it was aired!


What’s your favourite Friends moment or Friends episode? 



6 thoughts on “42 things Friends has taught Me.

    1. Haha I did it over a couple of weeks actually and kept coming back to it! Plus when I was on the phone sunday night him and I were like bouncing ideas off of each other! Tbh finding the perfect gif for it took longer haha! xx thank you for the comment as always lovely xx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Gillian, and thank you for the comment! It’s iconic isn’t it. I hope I never tire of watching it! Haha me too! I really wish I saw it from the very beginning when it first came out! But I would have hated waiting for the next episode! xx

      Liked by 1 person

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