Choccywoccydoodah – Brighton.


I’m not gonna lie; I’ve probably dreamed about this place. I remember watching the show when I was younger in complete awe. Several things used to cross my mind when I’d tune in one was how on earth these chocolatier’s made something so incredible, hand made and made it look so easy. Another thing that used to pop into my brain was how could the customers who would order and purchase these actual works of art have the AUDACITY to eat something so beautiful and so cool!?

If you’re not familiar with Choccywoccydoodah, it’s a famous Chocolatier’s based in and from Brighton. The shop downstairs stocks a huge variety of handmade, hand decorated chocolatey treats and honestly some of the most insane looking cakes, bakes and solid chocolate figures. Or basically anything you want in solid chocolate. The tv show would focus on the shop, the goings on around it and the team baking and designing the most intricate, incredible designs for customers made me even more keen to take a visit to the store. Even more so because there is also the Choccywoccydoodah cafe upstairs which was, decadent, eccentric and everything you’d imagine it to be.


When the shop is as extravagant as it is, you can’t expect anything less for the cafe. The menus are humongous slabs of chalk board painted with every single chocolatey thing you could imagine on offer, with about 10 different cakes, all chocolate obvs, milkshakes, hot chocolates, chocolate dipping pots with an array of fruits, marshmallows, brownie chunks and honeycomb to indulge. This place really isn’t for the faint hearted, or the diabetic. If that doesn’t entice you in enough, the staff working are an absolute treat. It was a sunny day midweek when we popped by so I’m not sure whether that was why they were just so attentive and friendly as there were only a couple other tables busy during our visit. Our waitress, unfortunately I can’t quite remember name, was super duper helpful and helped me decide which out of the many, many delish cakes which to try.


Jimmy chose to have their signature hot chocolate topped with masses of fresh whipped cream and marshmallows. I had a dark chocolate cake with white ganache icing, vanilla ice cream, berry coulis and an impressive chocolate drizzle. Having tried a little bit of each others foods I can tell you that the hot chocolate was smoother and richer than any hot chocolate I’d ever had before. It was rich but not sickly, sweet but not too sweet. I don’t want to sound too much like Goldilocks over here but it was kiiiiiinda just right. My cake was glorious. It was moist (soz) gooey and the perfect size as it was quite filling and rich. The chocolate was actually insane and you could definitely tell it was high quality.

I really loved my visit here and to be honest I’m quite glad I live so far away as I would be the size of an elephant if I lived closer. I’ve seen on TripAdvisor this place hasn’t got the best reviews and that makes me feel quite sad in case it’s put people off as I really liked it and the service was excellent and couldn’t be faulted in my opinion.

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