Frome Independent Market.

bumble and wildHello again and HAPPY EASTER! I hope you all had a lovely day whatever you got up to and ate, drank and got merry with your loved ones celebrating all things Easter, Spring and chocolate. My family and I went to Frome Independent market today which is a town about 30 minutes away from where I live. Frome is a town in lovely Somerset which has a lovely mix of both highstreet retailers and a lot of cute independent shops. I’m a big fan of any town or high street that isn’t like no other and quite often in the UK you could walk down any high street or shopping town centre and be greeted with the exact same shops, the exact same closed down shops and end up in the same chain coffee shop drinking the same skinny vanilla latte. Eurgh. Not for me. Don’t get me wrong I do shop in these places and photograph the life out of my seasonal hot chocolates on the ‘Gram but I do like to support local and support smaller businesses more. See pic above of the very pretty florist’s shop Bramble and Wild. Their window display’s truly are wonderful.

flowers fimFrome is a bit of a strange mishmash of a place. Not only homeplace to Jensen Button but also to my best pal. One of them renowned for being an excellent Formula One driver the other one renowned for thinking he’s an excellent Formula One driver. The good majority of it is like any other normal town with normal people. Whilst a small minority of the place home to hipster types and bearded gentleman. The growing popularity can be attributed to it becoming a firm favourite amongst a fair few celebrities from Eddie Redmayne getting married at the nearby Babington House, the Foo Fighters performing an impromptu gig in the town just over a year ago and celebs such as Pearl Lowe, Russell Brand and Mariella Frostrup frequenting the town’s monthly fancy pants food market. If you ever happen to be in the area or fancy a visit to this little place I would totally recommend stopping off here. It’s a short car ride away from beautiful Bath and only a few train stops away with London links too. The town is so quaint and definitely worth a visit but if you plan it around the first Sunday of every month to visit the talked about Independent market then you’ll be definitely in for a treat. I will admit I didn’t take a lot of happy snaps whilst I was there because it was really busy so there was a random person in nearly every pic pulling a rather unsavoury face so I’ll save you from those unfortunate shots and show some things I managed to capture.

patterns fimWith food stalls aplenty selling their produce from fresh and fermented kraut and kefir, to the most gorgeous cakes, bakes and pastries, foods from all corners of the globe to tickle almost every person’s tastebuds you would be lost for choice on what to eat and where to actually start browsing here.

pastries fimGuess which one I just had to buy and inhale?? If you couldn’t guess, I was all over the raspberry Crème Brûlée tart. It was DIVINE. The pastry was buttery and crisp not a soggy bottom in sight. Maz Bez and Paul Hollywood would be proud. The sweet, vanilla custard was smooth and velvety encasing some tart little raspberries inside and then topped with my favourite bit; the sugar burnt on top. DELICIOUS. How do I go about eating this again and again and again?!?

A5A0641C-C298-4E16-A6D5-A345D07A22D5.jpgIn cake and carb heaven today. So in my element completely.

patternsThere is quite possibly something for everyone here from a vintage market at the bottom by the Cheese & Grain selling vintage, rare finds. A whole stand of different retro Polaroid camera’s captivated me. I REALLY want one. I’m trying to get more into photography at the moment and they look so cool. And the foods you can find here are all such an eclectic mix. Not like a usual market where you’d get the person opposite to watch the stall for a few hours whilst you nip to The Vic for a few pints (I think that just happens in Eastenders I’m not sure it’s a real thing) and selling the essentials like fruit and veg (‘annnnnny two bowls fora pahnd’ if you didn’t read that in a typical market-bloke voice then I’m sorry that was probably completely lost on you). We arrived around 11ish so fairly early we thought but it was still so blimmin’ busy. Which was fantastic for the traders but made little old spacially aware me feel slightly uncomfortable. Nevertheless I really enjoyed it and would 100% go back. The prices are I would describe as normal for that type of thing and the food I would say was definitely worth it.

welsh rarebitMy stepdad had the welsh rarebit  which came with some gherkin slices and some purple slaw. He said it was lush. Ok I’m paraphrasing he didn’t use the word lush but you get what I mean. Plus it looks super gooey and delicious so he can’t be wrong??

mac and cheese fimWhilst I had some Mac & Cheese topped with garlic breadcrumbs, chives and pickle. It was cheesy, warm and perfect everything you want in a relationship, a spouse and a pasta dish if you ask me. The addition of the pickle wasn’t something I’d ever actually tried with Mac & Cheese and I HEART pickle/big fat gherks/pickled anything/pickled me on a night out so welcomed this with open arms and it really works. The tang of the pickle cuts through the smooth and silky cheesy goodness. I ATE GOOD TODAY.

crumpets and teaIf you find yourself wandering around meaninglessly with nothing taking your fancy how about a cuppa tea and two crumpets topped with anything from my personal favourite of marmite and cheddar cheese to the posh S’more’s crumpet with nutella, marshmallows and crumbled biscuits. HELLOOOO YUM. By this point I was fit to burst as much as I wanted to pass go collect £200 and go round again.

scarves fimLike all these silk scarves for sale. So gorgeous and that red patterned one could quite easily be a Hermes design if I stuck around long enough to take a look at the price and the label rather than getting distracted by the wood fired pizzas and chocolatey churros. Not together that would be odd.

Let me know if you have ever been to Frome’s independent market or if it’s somewhere you’d ever go in the future! Like all artisan food market’s you’d need to take a bit of cash with you but if you’re a big foodie like myself you won’t be disappointed.

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