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Up until the humble age of 19 I never owned a pet. Unless you count the goldfish me and my sister either won at the fair or got from the local pet shop. Fish as pets for me weren’t very exciting or very fun, I’m not expecting them to my little best friend that I can share all my innermost thoughts with or to jump through fiery hoops, as ridic and impressive as that would be. They were just kinda there, taking up space in their big ol’ tank on the side. Voohran was our oldest goldfish lived for what seemed like 450 years in goldfish time but in reality I think it was about 3 years in human time, which isn’t bad going for a fairground fishy. Also don’t judge the name, me and my sis were and still are weird little beings. And you try and think of a better name for a fish that refused stinky fish flakes than Voohran. What a guy. What a maverick. What a weird name thinking about it?

Other than that little guy, I never had a pet so I never really understood the love and affection you really feelI cried at Marley and Me when it first came out but watching it again being a dog owner I’m not ashamed to admit I cry Kim K style ugly tears. Or I stop the film just as they move into the last big house so the doggo has a lovely happy ending woofing and Wow’ing with Owen Wilson forevz. Don’t even get me started on A Dog’s Purpose I’m not even going to attempt that one. My parents both had pets growing up and remember them talking about them as if they were a member of the family, one you actually love and like I should add, and my sister and I always felt like we were missing out on that. So when I was 19, 4 years ago now, our lives all changed when a little ball of fluff came into our lives in the shape of Charlie, or Lord Charles or Chatsworth the Schnoodle. He is a miniature schnauzer cross toy poodle and is a little joy.

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JUST LOOK AT MY LITTLE BEAR CUB HERE!! He is ever so adorable, clever and knows so many tricks. Such a little cutie and brings so much joy. I cannot imagine my life without the little boo in it. So when I heard about I think I read about them on twitter, check them out through that link for great offers or competitions for you to enter for you or for your beloved pet, they seemed like a great company. For many people around the world their pets are their best friends and sometimes the most important thing in their world. PLUS having a quite fussy little pooch that will turn his little wet nose up at his food and would probably rather starve than eat something which wasn’t michelin star. Well, they do say dogs take after their owners so is it any wonder he’s such a little diva. My doggo is my little best mate, even if he’d rather lay downstairs than next to me but I guess those feels aren’t reciprocated and that’s life.

I will admit I hadn’t actually heard of until I saw them online and I was really impressed. Being a pet owner it can be hard to find nutrient rich meals, snacks or treats for my little fella. Like I said above, he is quite fussy and he could actually be a cat with the amount of fish he eats and pines for. So the very, very lovely people at sent him a little parcel of treats for him to enjoy. I had spoke back and forth with the great team about his likes and dislikes, I told them all about the type of dog I have and also that he love, love, luuuuurves fishy dishes.

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I know I’m biased like any dog owner but look. how. damn. cute. GAH. Charlie, was very lucky and got sent two big food packages. Both from the same brand called Catch. They believe fish is one of the best and highest protein sources for humans so why not also treat dogs the same with these omega rich treats. He received a big old bag of salmon, trout, sweet potato and asparagus dry dog food kibble found here. The brilliant thing about this product is that it is 50% salmon and trout providing my little poochie with natural sources of omega 3 and 6 helping with bones and joints and giving his coat a much shinier look and feel. With the added sweet potato and other vegetables  it also gives him a lot of natural vitamins and fibres. The second little bag was a bag of treats. He got some Catch natural whitefish skincube treats found heeerrrreee. Which I’m not going to lie, sound rank but he gobbled them up like they were covered in gold leaf and going out of fashion. These little snacks are cram full of fish and they are 100% white fish skins no baddies, no nothing else. FAB. You’ll definitely know there isn’t anything else in these or anything naughty because these smell literally like they’ve just been hauled off of a fishing boat off the Cornish coastline. They have a rough texture and feel to them which helps with the doggo’s overall dental health; helping to remove an excess tartar build up.

I am SUPER DUPER impressed with’s website, they have such a wide array of different products, foods, equipment, clothes and medicines for any such need. They cater for dogs, cats, fish, birds, reptiles to small pets like hamsters, guinea pigs to chinchillas. They give such extensive detail about each product. Specifically with the food which I really like. It tells you and explains to you how it’ll benefit your pet, what each ingredient will provide the pet in terms of nutrients, depending on the size of the pet how often you should give them said food and how long it’ll last and you can even set up a standing order. Speaking of the standing orders you can set that up for most of the foodage items so you could get your no1 best pal’s favourite foods delivered every few weeks or every month or so whenever they may run out. If that’s not all they also have a pet health specialist phone number you can ring for any questions, queries or concerns. What ruddy good service is that?!

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Charlie and I really enjoyed working alongside and we (mostly Char) are so glad we’ve discovered Catch Dog Food. I really couldn’t fault the experience with them, the service was brilliant, they were all really helpful and friendly and you can just tell that animal happiness and welfare is something that is really important to them. The delivery was super speedy too it came in a matter of a few days and I don’t think Charlie has ever had anything come in the post for him before so the occasion was extra special. Their unique service of Bottomless Bowl is really innovative for having the standing order of food. They deliver to the UK, Channel Islands and I believe most of Europe if you wanted to make sure they deliver to your country have a quick check here. The website is really easy to understand, follow and manoeuvre about which I really like. I hate websites that I can barely find anything and spend about 15 minutes just trying to find the search bar. Their products fare a lot cheaper compared to the other known brands you see in shops or similar retailers which is always a big plus. Similarly, I really love the ethical aspects this company withhold. They are an ecofriendly brand and try to do the most they can with linking in with similar animal charities. Me and pup definitely would shop here again, he is quite literally hooked on these fishy treats so I’m forever thankful for the team for introducing us to them if you haven’t already check out their website here.


Just one last pic of my little guy, isn’t he cute!? This is the first day we got him all those years ago! You can tell cos my hair is lovely and ombre before I ruined it all with bleach!

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